Tahnee Atkinson: The Face Of Veet

Tahnee Atkinson: The Face Of Veet

Tahnee Atkinson: The Face Of Veet

Australia’s Next Top Model winner Tahnee Atkinson carries the label ‘it-girl’ with total poise and confidence. The fresh faced beauty changed the ‘plus-size’ model stereotype, challenging those who claimed a size 8-10 was curvy. Tahnee is an incredible advocate for the female body and body positivity, a clear indication as to why Veet has picked the perfect ambassador for the launch of their revamped Veet Sensitive Precision™ Beauty Styler Expert, that promotes all year round body confidence! Tahnee says that Veet gives you the tools that allow you to be beach-ready and brow perfect wherever you are (and the new beauty styler is perfect for this).

Tahnee revealed some of her hottest beauty tips, hot trends and life hacks at the 2018 Veet Product Launch.


Here are Tahnee’s tips and tricks for:

Source https://www.instagram.com/tahnee711/


Preparing for a shoot

Drink LOTS of water the night before

Get plenty of sleep the night before

Make sure you’re hairless


Beauty hacks while travelling

Using a toothbrush as an eyebrow brush! “You can always find one in a hotel room and they make the perfect eyebrow brush when you don’t have one!”

Using bronzer in place of eyeshadow for an ‘illuminating glow’

Using lipstick in place of blush!


Top tips for being beautiful



“Less is more”


Head to http://www.veet.com.au/ to check out the full Veet range and Tahnee’s Instagram for major  body confidence inspo!



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