The 5 shoppers of Christmas

The 5 shoppers of Christmas

The 5 shoppers of Christmas

With the countdown to Christmas well and truly on the way, you’re most likely extremely excited, nervous, or taking it all in your stride. No doubt much of this is due to the shopping extravaganza that surrounds the big day. For some, the big shopping trip is the highlight of Christmas, while for others it’s the dreaded day full of shopping sweats and impulse buying.

We all approach the Christmas shopping experience in our own way. With this is mind, we’ve collected a humorous – and informative – guide to help you navigate the Christmas shopping spree in your own way. The only question is: which of the following Christmas shoppers defines you best?


Generous… but thrifty

Yes, Christmas is expensive. That being said, the amount of money in your wallet need not dictate your level of generosity. These are some of the best ways that generous – but thrifty – buyers can enjoy the holiday period while being mindful of their spending.


Hit Up Vinnies
Australia’s #1 op shop is a treasure trove of the wacky, the wonderful, the god-awful, and the downright brilliant. Providing you’ve got the patience, there are numerous bargains to be discovered on its rails. What’s more, your money is going to charity, so it’s a win-win for everyone involved.


Get Creative
If you’re something of a creative dab hand, consider the DIY approach. Who doesn’t love homemade cookies? Or a personalised card? Or maybe (just maybe) you want to volunteer to do the Christmas hosting this year? Put your mind and your time into it, and there are endless affordable ways you can get creative this Christmas!


Write an ‘IOU’
No doubt your sister who has just had a baby needs a babysitter or help or your brother who has bought a house needs some help with some painting, so gift them an IOU voucher. It’s thoughtful and obviously something they will use!


Bag a Groupon
Some of the deals available on Groupon today include – but are far from limited to – a 3 course Italian meal for $59 (was $124), 1 month of unlimited F45 training for $19 (was $264) and a Bondi Beach High Speed Thrill Ride for $49 (was $95). Groupon excels in quirky deals too, with everything from Thai massages to Virtual Reality tours available.


The Broke Student

Besides leaving assignments to the last minute, students also possess an uncanny ability to sniff out the best deals. So if you’re a broke student, well done for doing your homework by reading this.


Get Online
We all know students are sassy with technology (plus there’s no effort required) so get online. Below are just some of the fantastic online deals we’ve come across recently which are particularly applicable to students:

  • Meshki Boutique – $10 Off Orders Over $50
  • The Iconic – 10% Off The Iconic Exclusives
  • Reebok – 40% Off Everything
  • Groupon – $10 Off Orders over $49
  • Woolworths – $15 Off First Orders


Download the Honey App
This genius Google Chrome extension scans the Internet for any available coupons and automatically applies the best one to your cart at checkout. Honey does all of the work in a couple of seconds, and – the words every student wants to hear – it’s free.


Sign up for Jobs
There are numerous jobs you can do to raise cash around Christmas time. Arrange paid work for yourself on the likes of or, sign up as an Uber driver or get on Ebay or Etsy to sell any unwanted gifts or items you might have lying around. If all else fails, the world needs carol singers…


We all do it. Don’t deny it.


The Last-minute Larry

All Christmas period, the last-minute Larry confidently tells anyone who’ll listen that they’ve got everything under control. And then Christmas Eve hits…and the inevitable panic sets in! If this sounds like you, here are some tips to surviving the Christmas shopping season.


Get online
Numerous retailers are now offering same-day delivery right up until Christmas Eve – an indispensable tool for the Last-minute Larry. In Melbourne, for example, sites like The Iconic (retail), Bockers & Pony (hampers) and Oroton (high-end retailers) are all offering same-day delivery provided you order by 1pm. You’re more likely to nab a quick bargain online too…


Gift cards
Gift cards always go down a treat. With time being of the essence here, you don’t want to be wasting it searching for the perfect gift for everyone on your list. You can also print many of these off at home, meaning you needn’t even leave the comfort of your sofa.


Hit the shops in the afternoon
Contrary to what you might think, the shops tend to be relatively quiet by the afternoon of the 24th. Plan accordingly, and the whole experience will be nothing like as stressful as you anticipate. What’s more, bargains – especially when it comes to the likes of Christmas turkeys – are everywhere around this time.


Remember to relax
Relax, take a deep breath and remember that everything will be fine in the morning! And if it isn’t…then get your excuses ready! You left her presents in the taxi/at work, it wasn’t delivered in time, the dog ate it etc. Chances are, if you’re a last-minute Larry, you’re already well versed in this department anyway. Good luck!


The Scrooge

It’s worth remembering that Scrooge reinvents himself in a Christmas Carol by avoiding his old ways and refraining from greed, selfishness, uncharitable behaviour and general penny-pinching meanness. Follow these tips and abandon the Scrooge in you – for Christmas and for life.


Give to charity
Giving to charity is an always-worthwhile cause, even more so at Christmas. The likes of feed thousands of worthwhile Aussies at Christmas, while provide a better future for young Australians in need. Do some research and find the best charity for you.


Buy an animal
The perfect gift for the animal lover in your life, WWF, Oxfam and other organisations let you adopt an animal and protect some of the world’s most precious species. Now that’s money well spent!


Stock up on Christmas flicks
You might be an unemotional, Christmas-hating Scrooge now, but there’s no chance you won’t be embracing Christmas time by the final credits of Home Alone, Miracle on 34th Street or Love Actually. If none of the aforementioned films are macho enough for you, Die Hard or Bad Santa ought to do the trick.

The Early Bird

Always the most organized person you encounter around Christmas time, the early birds are in a smug league of their own when it comes to organization. As the early bird reading this already has their shopping done, they can consider this a guide to Christmas 2017!


The January sales
This is an obvious starting point for the early bird. Get in early on Boxing Day and you might just nab yourself a bargain for Christmas 2017. Aside from clothes and technology, Christmas decorations are severely slashed around now.


Black Friday/Cyber Monday
Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ll have noticed that both Black Friday and Cyber Monday have made a big impression in Australia, with most major retailers jumping on board. Next year’s Black Friday will occur on the 24th November, with Cyber Monday falling on the 27th November – a date for your diary.


Book your flights and train tickets in advance
With so many people travelling to see their families at Christmas, it’s important you remember to book your flights/train tickets 8 weeks or more in advance for the best deals.


Stay smug!
Because what’s the point in being an early bird unless you’re telling everyone how great you are?


This list is thanks to our friends at who have a lot of experience in shopping and thrifty holiday bargains.


Adelaide Lang


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