5 Lifestyle Apps That Can Help Trick You Into Saving Money

5 Lifestyle Apps That Can Help Trick You Into Saving Money

5 Lifestyle Apps That Can Help Trick You Into Saving Money

The sun is starting to shine, mangos are back in season and your mates are buzzing with plans for Christmas and New Years. But, you check your bank account, and find that my-oh-my, it’s looking dry! If you’re looking for a little extra to fund a vacay, smashed avo to last all summer or save for something bigger you’ll love these five apps to help pad your back pocket without lifting a finger (and make the silly season a lil’ sillier).


Nike+ Training Club

What is it? Nike+ Training club gives you the opportunity to work out from the comfort of your own home. It’s 100% free and features hundreds of workout videos that target everything from strength training to endurance.


How can it help me save money? It’s 5am, your alarm goes off and you decide, once again, that you’re skipping CrossFit for some much-needed snooze time. Months go by and you’ve almost broken the snooze feature on your phone, so you decide to quit your gym membership and download the Nike+ Training Club app. Now that you don’t have to drive to the gym, you get to roll out of bed a full hour later, work out, and get on with your day knowing you’re no longer paying $58 to skip class.

ING Australia Banking

What is it? When you sign up with an ING Orange Everyday account, you’ll get the option in-app to round up your spending by either $1 or $5, stashing away your spare change in a savings account.


How can it help me save money? Your Saturday night shenanigans made Sunday a total write-off, meaning you didn’t get the chance to meal prep your work lunches! Your poké bowl with tamari almonds costs $12 a pop, so you set your ING app to round up to the nearest $5, knowing you’ll be stashing away $15 this week on work lunches alone. That’s over $100 in time for the holidays!

EatClub- Live Restaurant Deals

What is it? The EatClub app shows you restaurants around your location that have spare tables and are offering deals and discounts for last-minute diners. With potential savings of up to 50% of your bill, it’s hard to miss.


How can it help me save money? It’s late on a Friday arvo, your patience with work is dwindling and your group chat is on fire with potential plans for the evening. You know you’re going to say yes to dinner despite your efforts to save, so you suggest you and your friends go to a nearby restaurant offering 20% off the bill on EatClub. If you’re going out to eat multiple times a week, those are some big savings!


What is it? TIX is for lovers of entertainment, offering up up to 60% off tickets to concerts around Australia. Not only that, app holders can unlock last-minute ‘rush’ offers which can see you saving even more.


How can it help me save money? The Book of Mormon is in town and you’ve been dying to see it after listening to your Melbourne friends brag about it for ages. You’re tempted to buy tickets on the spot, but instead you wait it out, knowing that you’ll likely be able to snap up a deal later. Sure enough, you open Tix and find them for a fraction of the price! In one go, you’ve saved over $50 to go toward your summer plans.

Catch – Online Shopping Deals

What is it? Catch is an online retailer that sells everything from sportswear to groceries to mobile phones at a fraction of their retail price. It features well-known brands is updated every day.


How can it help me save money? ‘Tis the season to be jolly, and be jolly you will when Christmas comes around and you haven’t gone bankrupt after buying everyone presents. You get on the Catch – Online Shopping Deals app and find a perfume for mum, golf clubs for dad and a pair of Ray-Bans for your BFF, all, you guessed it, on sale! You’ve not only saved some sweet dough, but you’ve dodged the Christmas crowd at Westfield, too.

Without having to deprive yourself of your $19 smashed avo, these apps can help you save hundreds before Santa even has a chance to put on his summer suit and make it down under!


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About the author: Monika wholeheartedly believes that ‘living your best life’ can be done on a budget. Each morning she brushes her teeth with an eco-friendly toothbrush, picks out a ridiculous pair of earrings and heads to her job at financial comparison website Mozo, where she gets to lecture people on how to save their hard earned bucks. At any given time you can find her enjoying Sydney’s best happy hours or basking in the economical glory of op shops.


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