Why You Should Be Using Castor Oil

Why You Should Be Using Castor Oil

Why You Should Be Using Castor Oil

It’s likely that you’ve heard of the benefits of oils in your skincare routine, with oils such as coconut and argan oil taking the crown. While these oils might have already found a place in your beauty ritual, another oil that you might want to try out is the lesser known castor oil.

Why you should be using castor oil

You might already be using coconut-oil for whitening your teeth, or argan oil for making your hair healthier and shinier. But did you know that castor oil has many benefits as well?

Those who were already aware of that fact are simply blessed.

The oil contains many beneficial properties as it is both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, and has several medicinal purpose such as being a laxative or birth inducer. But we’re here for the beauty benefits, right?


One benefit of this golden liquid is the way it can battle scalp problems such as dandruff and scalp infections due to its antibacterial properties. Also, the ricinoleic acid in the oil helps increase circulation which has the benefit of stimulating your hair growth, thickening and lengthening it.

If you have a spare eyelash wand laying around you might also want to add a drop of oil on it and brush it through your eyelashes– as it helps strengthen and lengthen your lashes.

You might even want to sweep the brush through your eyebrows if they’re looking a bit sparse. The effects aren’t immediate however, as it might take about three months to see some results.

Tip: Dilute the oil with another oil, such as argan, to make the consistency less thick and more absorbable.


So, going back to its antibacterial and inflammatory properties, the oil can be beneficial if you’re struggling with acne. The earlier mentioned ricinoleic acid is able to battle the bacterias that cause the unwanted bumps.

And because it is antimicrobial, it can keep these buggers out.

It’s not only beneficial to people who struggle with acne, but also for those with sensitive or dry skin. The oil contains a low comedogenic  score, which means that it won’t clog up your pores when used, reducing the risks of getting blackheads.

Another wonderful benefit is that it can cleanse the dirt from your skin and keep it hydrated at the same time.

Before you start using this beautiful liquid you might want to test it on the inside of your arm for any allergic reactions.


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Marian Van Reesch


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