How To Get A Wedding-Ready Smile

How To Get A Wedding-Ready Smile

How To Get A Wedding-Ready Smile

It’s that beautiful time of year again.

Spring Wedding Season is officially here in full swing, and although there are some things we just can’t control (ie becoming consumed by hay fever and sneezing uncontrollably during the exchanging of vows), there are some beauty hacks you can completely nail.

When it comes to Weddings, it’s a universal fact that being photo-ready and Instagrammable are high priorities for many brides– all of them agreeing that one beauty shortcut that should never be taken, is oral health.

When it comes to your pearly whites, you should opt for the best brands and technology to ensure a perfect, wedding-ready smile as the result.


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Align Technology designs and manufactures the Invisalign® System, the most advanced clear aligner system in the world, and iTero® intraoral scanners and services. Align’s products help dental professionals achieve the clinical results they expect and deliver effective, cutting-edge dental options to their patients. Developed alongside orthodontists and used in dental and orthodontic practices around the world, the Invisalign System uses the latest technology to help you move forward in life. Recognised worldwide for its modern approach to straightening teeth via a series of clear, removable, custom made aligners, the Invisalign System has treated over 5 million patients worldwide to date.


Dr. Fadi Yassmin is one of the most widely respected dentists in the industry, and believes a beautiful smile is a necessity for a glowing bride.

When preparing for their weddings, many brides have planned a detailed checklist of items they tick off before approaching their big day, with many people placing emphasis on oral hygiene as part of their overall bridal beauty plan, says Dr Fadi Yassmin. Some brides turn to cosmetic treatments such as whitening treatments and alignment work to ensure their bridal look is at its best.

To ensure your teeth are getting as much love as the other elements of your bridal beauty routine, Dr Fadi Yassmin has provided a three-step process to help you have a wedding-ready smile:

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Clean them right


A staple during your morning and night-time routine, brushing your teeth twice a day has several benefits to ensure your teeth are at their best. Giving your teeth a thorough brush prevents cavities, removes plaque and that unwanted bacteria that coats your teeth, leading to a pristine smile on your big day!


A simple but incredibly important step in ensuring your oral hygiene is top notch, is flossing. It not only rids your pearly whites of plaque and bacteria but also protects your gums and helps prevent tartar build-up.

Make them tight


If you’re not happy with your tooth alignment, it could be worth investigating treatments such as theInvisalign® System, which can straighten teeth in as little as 3 months, depending on the severity of the case. Invisalign treatment is a series of clear plastic aligners that are virtually invisible and gradually move your teeth. It’s the perfect way to subtly straighten teeth in the lead-up to your big day – and they can be taken out for meals and brushing!

Keep them white

Avoid certain food and drink

To maintain pearly whites so they can shine in all those wedding day photos, be sure to avoid consuming sugary or staining food and drinks. Sugary drinks can build bacteria and plaque, whilst coffee and red wine can lead to yellowing stains.


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